Starships Handle Accel Pilot Body Armor Sensor Avail Price
Frigates/Jump Ship                
Destroyers/Lg. Jump Ship                
Cruisers/no civilian eq.                

A system ship or the polite Merchant ship class are generally slower than light cargo haulers, miners, yachts, and research vessels and are the vast majority of in-system traffic.  There tonnage ranges from the smallest at a few hundred tons to the largest at ten thousand tons.  

Frigates can displace anywhere from ten thousand to twenty thousand tons with a mage ring displacing roughly a third of the total tonnage.  The frigate class is the most common tonnage range for civilian jump ships and is the most common military as well hitting the sweet spot between cost and effectiveness.

A Destroyer class vessel displaces between twenty thousand and thirty thousand tons and are feared for the firepower these vessels can bring to bear.  While most militaries can afford at least a few of these vessels they are generally only found at capital worlds or at a particularly dangerous area.  A military destroyer won't have many more crew than a frigate and generally all that extra tonnage goes to weaponry and defenses.  There are very few civilian vessels this size and what few there are can be found in the most advanced and wealthy nations.  These vessels are usually massive merchant ships carrying cargoes several times there own tonnage.

A Cruiser class vessel is strictly military and are really any vessel greater than thirty thousand tons.  These vessels are smaller than say an equivalent civilian destroyer class but carry far more weaponry and defensive systems.  There are only a few dozen cruisers among the 32 and while few have seen any actual combat they are famous to the average sapient and are known individually to ship aficionados who debate the pros and cons of each individual design.  Almost each of the cruisers are unique warships and are often used as test hulls for different warship configurations.    


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